Geo-Conquesting Technology

Our proprietary enterprise level Geo-Conquesting Technology allows us to “intelligently” know when you your ideal client visits your competitors location, then our technology gateway presents your ads to them across all their devices, then tracks and reports the conversions analytics for you.

• Targeting Based on Location and Time
• Capturing Individual’s Ad-ID’s
• Track “Conversions”
• Reliable Targeting (Cookieless Technology)
• Cross-Device Targeting


Geo-Push Technology

Our proprietary enterprise level Geo-Push Technology provides us the “intelligence” to know when a high valued prospective customer is prime for receiving your ad or purchase incentive.

• Beacon Technology
• Geo-Fence Technology
• Target Based: Location & Time Attributes
• Proprietary Platforms


Social Media Management

• Simplified Content Creation
• Strategically Timed Publishing
• Creating Social Media Connectivity
• Multi-Dimensional Planning Calendars
• Enterprise Level Client Engagement

Traffic Management

• Real Time Bidding (Enterprise Level)
• Retargeting (Enterprise Level)
• “Perfect Match” Targeted Traffic: Time of Day, URL Targeting, Audience
Targeting, Geo-Targeting, Contextual = Perfect Match Traffic
• Optimized “Low Cost” Ad Procurement
• “Moment of Truth” Traffic Targeting
• Enterprise Level Statistical Analysis


Multisite is our proprietary website system to quickly deploy a locally optimized website in every mid to size large market in the United States. By using best practices and strategies developed over several years of online marketing search engine optimization we were able to build this multisite platform from the ground up. We use proprietary indexing software that allows hundreds of websites and thousands of pages to quickly get indexed and ranked. We are excited to finally offer this amazing platform to our clients.


Local Search

Our Local Marketing Packages were strategically built to boost traffic to your local business. Need help dominating your local market? We can help you get more customers! We emphasize on clarity and transparency and our team of dedicated US based account managers will guide and assist you at all times. All our products and services are highly measurable through custom analytics and call tracking (optionable) to ensure you are getting the best ROI across all of your marketing efforts.

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