Our proprietary technology allows us to legally identify prospects who visit your competitors locations. GEO-Conquest Technology is a one of kind targeting technology that allows us to legally identify when your target audience (prospect) visit your competitors location(s). Once a prospective customer visits your competitor’s location with their mobile phone, we then identify the device and can begin display marketing your ads to their multiple devices within hours of their visit to your competitor. The end result is a marketing campaign that allows you to quickly conquest your competitor’s prospects and make them your own.

  • Display ads to all target users devices (phone, laptop, desktop).
  • Target prospects see your ads and quickly become customers or conquests from your competition.

GEO-Conquest® for Industries

Below are some strategy examples of GEO-Conquest applied to different types of verticals:

  •  Personal Injury Attorney – Target Emergency Rooms
  •  Restaurants – Target Similarly Priced or Type Competitors
  •  Bars / Night Clubs- Target Competitors
  •  Car Rental Locations - Target Competitors and Airports
  •  Auto Repair – Target Competitors
  •  Real Estate Agents – Target Model Homes
  •  Insurance Agents - Target Car Lots and Model Homes
  •  Jewelers & Boutiques - Target Competitors
  •  Hotels / Motels / BnBs - Target Competitors
  •  Fitness / Gym / Workout Centers - Target Competitors
  •  Banks - Target Competitors
  •  Casinos - Target Competitors Doctors - Target Competitors